May 21, 2012

Social Media may not be that Effective in Promoting Information Websites

I have two websites that are not performing as well as my other websites. I read and heard about the social media place where marketing winners and losers are decided on. I tried to use social media in an effort to salvage these two non-performing information websites. I did not succeed. But maybe these two sites are hopeless and should therefore be closed. However, I believe that these two sites contain interesting and helpful articles that could provide value to some individuals who might need the information that they contain.

In search engine optimization, there is an old adage that says that content is king. This aphorism seems to exude a profound truth that is difficult to avoid. No amount of promotion can ever substitute for relevant content. In the case of the two websites that I mentioned, people are simply not interested in what they contain. Thus it is very important for information producers to know what is it that people want to know about. Presumably, people may experience difficulties and may want to resolve a problematic situation. To guide them on what to do, they need information on what solutions other people in a similar situation have found to work.

Or, it could be that the particular subject matter on which the website is operating is just too much saturated with business-run websites that benefit from using paid content creators and search optimizers. Personal websites that choose to operate in such a competitive arena may be bound to suffer loses from more organized and well financed competitors

Or, there may be a weakness in the search algorithm used by the search portals in the Internet. And this should be discussed in relation with the optimization efforts applied to sites that are maintained by business organizations. There may be faults in the design of search algorithms which professional search optimizers are taking advantage of in promoting the websites of their clients.

No one believes that there is fairness or equality in the imperfect world that we're living in. It's every man for himself and if you find yourself in a losing situation, you just have to extricate yourself to avoid getting into more trouble than you can manage. The Internet is but a reflection of the real world that we're inhabiting. There may be reasonably priced and more superior products and services that are losing out to producers with a well-funded marketing effort. The real losers are us the customers who may have to make do with expensive and inferior products just because their manufacturers or providers have political clout and marketing machinery to outsell the competition. Is the idea that the Internet is a level playing field just a myth?

So there are a myriad of reasons for websites not performing as expected. The first of these of course is that the content may not be relevant and most people don't find any use for them. Contributing to that reason is the presence of too many competing sites that may be run by businesses that have enormous resources with which to promote their websites. Then there may be a few weakness on search algorithms that search optimizers are using to get the websites of their clients to the first few pages of the search results.

No amount of social media promotion and for that matter white hat or black hat optimization can improve a website's lackluster performance if the website does not provide relevant content. In my websites' analytics reports, search engines are the major source of web traffic and not referrals from other websites. Even in my worst performing websites, it is still the search engines that top the traffic sources. In such a circumstance, optimization may provide a better result and social media promotion may not generate encouraging results.