January 20, 2012

Three Skills that you Need to Develop if you want to Improve your Personal Website

Say that despite the dangers that lurk in the Internet, you have decided to create a personal website on one of the free website spaces available in the World Wide Web. You have started your very own website and posted a few articles to get the ball rolling. You have a few more articles in mind that you plan to write about very soon. You're well on your way toward becoming a website author of note or an outstanding blogger.

You had good expectations about your website and are even thinking of making a few bucks out of it by putting some advertisements on your site. You try finding out if your posts would appear in search engine results page. You type the title of one of your articles in the search bar but your article is nowhere to be found not even on the 50th page. Now you're in for a rude awakening. Having a website that the search engines will favor is not a walk in the park. After all, of what good is a website if no one could find any of its pages.

Here are a few skills that you need to develop to give your website a fighting chance in the chaotic world of the Internet. These are by no means all that you need. They are rather the major ingredients that I find useful if your website is to find some footing in the highly competitive world out there. Remember that big companies are spending a lot of money on research and expert skills to give their web pages competitive advantage in the Internet. But you only have your intelligence and creativity to fight your way out in cyberspace.

Better than Average Writing Skills and Unending Devotion to Write

You need to generate a lot of articles on your chosen field of interest if you are to make a dent in the eyes of the search engines. For this reason, you need to have greater than average writing skills. You cannot allow yourself to get stalled in writing wrangling over how you could overcome the writer's block that can hound you every time. Not a day should pass without you generating at least one article for your website.

Internet users are fed up with articles that are mere regurgitation of what already had been repeated so many times in other articles. What they are looking for are original ideas that are based on your own personal experience and not what you can copy from someone's work that is already published on the Internet. They are looking for substantive and helpful information that works and that you already have tried and worked for you.

You can get along with poor writing habits if you're only writing for your colleagues in the office but sadly this would not be acceptable if you're publishing to the world. Your writing should exhibit correct grammar and exude clarity like a morning in the meadow that is bathed with plenty of sunshine. Boring and sloppy writing has no place in any publishing business.

You cannot succeed in this endeavor with just a handful of motivation in your pocket. What you need is all-consuming passion that urges you to go on even if you don't see any progress in your movement. Without it, everything comes to naught and what you will end up with is a complete waste of your time.

More than Mere Familiarity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You don't need to spend years studying SEO and become an SEO consultant but you should develop a deep understanding of how it works and how it can be deployed effectively in your website. What is important is finding out what works and what doesn't in particular situations and circumstances. SEO is an ongoing concern that you fine-tune and adjust as the search engine environment changes.

You should be mindful of the fact that SEO can wreck havoc on the readability of your articles. You need to find some balance from SEO implementation and the concern for ease of reading by your audience. Wise SEO implementation should never get in the way of good understanding of the thoughts and ideas that you are expounding in your write-up.

By implementing and monitoring SEO results, you would be able to develop your own style of SEO implementation that would be appropriate for your website. Through a process of trial and error, you would hopefully find a style of implementation that works for you.

Making the Most of the Free Google Website Tools

There are a lot of free Google tools that you can use to analyze how your website performs. There are invaluable insights that you can gain through the use of these tools. You should play around with these tools and develop an improvement strategy for your website. You would get to know which metrics to use based on the particular needs of your website.

Your website will go through a process of development that will hopefully show a constant improvement in all factors that are of importance at a particular time. Websites that are just starting will require a different set of analytic tools than those that are already performing well. You would choose which metric would be most helpful based on the present status of your website and the improvement strategy that you have adopted for your website.

I cannot assure you that your website will occupy the number one spot in your targeted keywords once you develop skills in these three areas. I can only promise that your website will have a better chance of performing well if you have found how these skills could be most effectively deployed in your own website.