January 29, 2012

Keep your Laptop Away from These Three Dangers to Make it Last Longer

Laptops have become indispensable tools for creating documents and multi-media materials for our professional or office use. They are not cheap and can be considered an investment that can be used to make money or earn a livelihood. They are expensive to repair or upgrade and need to be taken to repair shop if they are broken. You realize how important your laptop is to your life when it breaks down and you lose access to data that you need in your work.

Taking good care of your laptop not only saves you money by avoiding repair work or early replacement. Extending the useful life of your laptop gives you more time to save for replacement or upgrade. Having a well-maintained laptop saves you from losing clients or business when it suddenly breaks down. There are three dangers that you should keep your laptop away from to ensure that your laptop can provide you with more years of useful life. These are heat, dust, and shock.

Heat is the number one nemesis of laptops. Do not expose your laptop under direct sunlight. Not only would you be unable to see its display but you could unnecessarily heat its case. Your laptop could overheat and destroy its processor or hard disk. Ensure that there is enough clearance between your table and the underside of your laptop to enable cool air to flow freely underneath it. Do not use or leave your laptop on top of the bed or car seat. This could prevent cool air from entering the vents or warm air from escaping from them.

Invest in a laptop cooler that can keep the underside of your laptop from getting too hot. Get a good quality cooler that can last long and with good quality fans that are quiet and turn smoothly. Keep away from cheap coolers that can only destroy your laptop with too much vibration. Periodically clean the fans of fibers and other dirt that may accumulate on them. Choose a cooler that does not consume too much power from your laptop's battery.

Dust can attack your laptop in two ways. Too much dust accumulating underneath your keyboard can cause some keys to malfunction. Dust can also accumulate on the vents and air exhaust of your laptop, preventing the smooth flow of air inside and cause your laptop to overheat. Regularly remove dust from your keyboard with cloth or portable low power vacuum cleaner. Do the same for the vents and exhausts underneath or on the side of your laptop.

Your laptop's keyboard is not as durable as the standard keyboard so you should tap the keys more lightly than when you're using a standard keyboard. To protect your laptop's keyboard from dust, you can cover it with a clean cloth and use instead an external standard keyboard connected to one of your USB ports. Always close the cover of your laptop when you're not using it.

You can use cotton buds or USB-powered vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the vents and air exhaust of your laptop. If you think too much dust had already entered your laptop, you can take it to a laptop repair shop and have it cleaned. When you touch your laptop and feel that it is getting too hot, clean the vents at once or have it cleaned by a technician so you can use your laptop again in a normal operating environment.

Shock or too much vibration is the third worst enemy of your laptop. Strong shock hitting your laptop can damage its hard disk. Hard disk failure will render your laptop unusable. Do not use your laptop inside a vehicle when you're traversing a bumpy road. Don't use your laptop in places where there is high vibration like using your laptop beside a loud speaker. Large speakers should not be placed on the table where your laptop is resting. The strong vibration from the speakers may damage your hard disk. Store your laptop on a stable surface to prevent it from falling down. Use both of your hands when carrying your laptop from one place to another.

Save money and get more value from your laptop by taking good care of it. Keep your laptop away from heat, dust, and shock to enjoy more years of service life from it. Maintain your laptop in top shape to make it more reliable and safe from breaking down when you most need it.