January 29, 2012

How Disciplined Note-Taking Can Help You Write Articles for your Website

One of the most difficult problem in writing articles for your website is the lack of ideas or topics on which to write on. This is a type of writer's block that a handful of article writers may suffer. One way to solve this problem is to have a good documentation of the thoughts and ideas that enter your mind. Essentially, what we need is a disciplined note-taking system that is tailored to the way that you write the articles for your website.

Mind mapping is a tool that can be used for creating long documents that discuss a fairly complex subject matter. But it could be somewhat superfluous for writing short articles that focus on simple and highly specific topics. Efficient note-taking may be a better alternative. To be sure, there are software applications that help authors make structured notes that are easily and quickly searched. But then again they tend to be too much sophisticated for the needs of an article writer.

If you're using a Windows computer, the Notepad program would do well to implement your note-taking strategy. As there could be a lot of subject matter that you want to write on, you could maintain two types of notes: general notes and particular notes.

The general notes contain all of the thoughts and ideas that come across your mind that you think should be noted and preserved for future use. This type includes a mix of everything that you thought could become a subject matter for an article. The general notes are updated when something comes up in your mind either as a new idea or additional thoughts on one topic that is already listed in the notes.

When you feel like writing again, you can open your general notes and read again what topics have been written there. Sometimes, you don't have anything to add or your mind may refuse to cooperate so you just simply close the notes and move on to other things that you need to do. Other times, an additional idea or two may hit you with respect to a particular topic you have noted there. The additional thoughts may be of sufficient substance that you think you can come up with a new article for your website. You open a new Notepad window and proceed to write a new article.

Most of the time, though, you may just add new thoughts on one or a few of the old notes that you have written in your general notes. You then just close the general notes and continue doing the other pending activities that you have.

The other type of notes is the particular note. The particular notes contain only one subject matter that you have written on the general notes and that you have decided to make a note of its own. This note is used for promising topics that you think you have enough ideas on but feels that the thoughts and ideas that you have regarding this subject matter is not yet complete. You open this note once in a while to see if you can come up with an additional idea that will render this particular note ready to be written on. Once this needed thought comes up, this particular note can then be turned into a new article. Sometimes, though, that additional idea just hits you and then you can go directly to a particular note and proceed on turning it into a new article.

As you can see there are many ways by which a new article can be written. It may happen that a sufficiently good idea comes up and then you just go on and write a new article about it. But this could happen only rarely and hardly could be depended on for coming up with new articles for your website. The use of notes gives you a hint to stimulate your thinking and could produce better results.

But the key to implementing this strategy successfully is to always be thinking of a new article to write on. Your mind can sometimes be a lazy creature that refuses to work and enjoy doing nothing. You can repeat the idea over and over in your head and most of the time, your mind will come up with something that you could work on further.

You should always have a few ideas that you should be thinking about and asking if one or more additional thoughts can come up to make that topic ready for writing an article on. You should also busy yourself with other things that are unrelated to your article writing effort. Keep your mind active and don't worry that you don't have any new articles for your website. The required thought or idea will ultimately come to you. And your notes will help you facilitate your article writing effort.

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