December 8, 2011

Writing an Article for your Website is much Like Packaging a Gift for a Dear Friend

A dear friend is someone who is close to us. We are interested in her well-being. We would be happy if she is moving along in her chosen path. We would be sad if something bad happens to her. This is very much akin to how a writer should treat her readers. She is always on the lookout for something that could help her friend accomplish the goal that she has set for herself. Much like a writer who is in constant search for a topic that would be useful to her readers.

And so our gift-giver tries to put herself in the position of her friend and thinks what gift would be most useful to her. She asks what is the most challenging situation her friend is facing at the moment and decides on what gift would be most appropriate to give to her. It could be for example that her friend is on the brink of falling into a depression because of her personal problems. Thus, she decides to buy her an inspirational book that her friend could read to help her cope with her problems.

Based on what the writer knows about what's happening in the environment where her readers are living, she thinks of different topics that she could write on that would be most helpful to them as they struggle to cope with the challenges they are facing. Finally, she chooses one topic that she thinks addresses the main problem that her readers are facing now. This would be the central theme of the article that she would be writing about.

And so goes off our gift-giver on a search for the most appropriate inspirational book that would most likely help her dear friend deal with her present problems. At this stage in the writing process, the writer goes on a research phase, assembling ideas on which her article would be built. Soon, she would find the perfect inspirational book and buy it. By this time, the writer has gathered enough ideas to begin writing her article. She uses a tentative title to sort of guide her while she is writing her article.

When our gift-giver reaches home, she assembles a box on which she would place the book that she is giving to her friend. Here, we see the writer in the process of identifying her central idea and bolstering this idea with the supporting ideas that she has gathered from her research. The box on which the gift is placed serves to carry the gift and protect the gift from being damaged.

Back to our writer, she uses her supporting ideas to provide a framework that would help make her message clearer and more readable. The framework helps the writer in forming the conceptual structure of her write-up. The writer is guided on how the sentences in her article are to be formed and how the whole article will be structured into paragraphs. Finally, the gift-giver wraps the box in a suitable and attractive wrapper and possibly puts a ribbon on it. By this time, the writer has finished writing the article and now she is correcting grammatical mistakes and editing the article to make it easier to read and to sharpen the ideas that are included in the article.

The gift-giver then writes on the card for whom the gift is and who sent it. The writer returns to her tentative title and revises the title to make it more accurate and more appealing to her readers. The gift-giver then sends the gift to her friend using a delivery service that she has chosen. The article writer on the other hand posts the article to her website using the Internet as the publishing medium.

There is however some danger that may lurk ahead. The gift may experience problems during delivery and does not reach its destination in a timely manner. The write-up may have a good start but writer's block may prevent it from being developed into a full-fledged article. The writer may get stuck when there is no enough ideas with which to embellish the article that she is writing. The central theme may prove to be incapable of morphing into a complete article for various reasons.

The technique for making sure that the write-up will be completed as an article is to have enough ideas with which to build the article. There must be sufficient major points that can further be developed and serve as the building blocks of the article. Otherwise, the article would not have a sufficiently strong foundation to stand on.

So the lesson here seems to be to make sure that you have a clear and relevant central theme for your write-up and to have enough number of major support ideas that will be used to create a strongly-built article that could stand on its own and become useful to the reader.

The gift-giver has a purpose in going through the process of acquiring and packaging the gift. The writer is driven by a desire to be relevant to her readers and strives to write articles that have the power of touching their lives and being useful in facing off with the challenges they are having in their lives. Writing an article is very much like finding and packaging a suitable gift for a friend in need.

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