December 17, 2011

How to Use Google Docs to Promote Articles in your Personal Website

Here's an inexpensive way to easily and quickly promote articles that you have posted in your personal website.

This technique involves creating a document containing links to article in your website and uploading it to Google Docs. The next step is sharing the link to this document in any or all of the social networking sites that you are using such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You need a word processing program like OpenOffice, a Google account, and one or more social bookmarking accounts. If you don't have any of these, go to their respective websites and get one. Don't worry they are free. Familiarize yourself with how things work in these web portals. The key to this simple approach is the Google email account which gives you access to Google Docs, a place where you can safely store some of your documents for free.

Open your Notepad or Textpad and copy and paste the titles of all the articles in your website that you want to promote. Include a short description of each and paste the link to the article in the document that you are writing. To get the URL of your article, display the article in your web browser and copy everything that is displayed on the address bar of your browser. This way, you won't mistype or else make a mistake on which link refers to what article.

Think of a good introductory paragraph and type it on top of the list of links. You can focus on how important that your reader become aware of the information contained in your article. If, for example, your links are about computer security, tell your readers how important it is to ensure that your laptop is protected from the dangers that lurk around physically and in cyberspace.

Now transfer your text to your word processor and correct all grammatical and spelling mistakes in your document. Make all the links on the document point to the article on your website. To do this, use the hyperlink button on your OpenOffice program. Just copy and paste each URL on the Target space on the Hyperlink window, then click the Apply button and then click the Close button.

To make the document a little bit interesting, you can put a snapshot of your website on top of the page that you are creating. To do this, display your home page on your browser by typing its URL on the address bar of your browser. Maximize your browser and take a snapshot of your desktop. If you're using Vista, click on the Start button, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Snipping Tool. Drag your mouse from the left hand corner of the image of your website to its bottom corner and release your mouse button. Save the picture on your hard disk and then double click it to open your Windows Photo Gallery. On the top right hand part of the window, click the Open button and then click Paint. On the Paint window, click on Image and then Resize/Skew. On the Resize and Skew widow, type 30 on both the horizontal and vertical spaces then click the OK button. Save the picture with a new name.

Don't put too many links on the document. I suggest that you limit your document to just one page. If you have more articles to promote, then make several documents containing links to article with similar or related categories. You don't want your readers to be overwhelmed by too many links. Save your work in the OpenOffice Document Writer and then make a PDF version of the document. Click on File and then Export as PDF and on the popup window, click on Export. Save the document for uploading to Google Docs.

Go to and upload your document there. If you are asked to share it, make the document publicly accessible. Logon to your favorite networking site and make a new share. To get the link to your document in Google Docs, simply highlight the document and then click on the share button on the top left hand portion of the Google Docs window. Copy the link and paste it in your new share at your social bookmarking site. Now you have a publicly available document containing links pointing to the articles in your website that you want to promote.

If you want to see an example of this, take a look at one of the documents that I have uploaded: Post your share in as many social networking sites that you belong to and you will notice an increase in the traffic that your website would be experiencing. Aside from being able to promote your article, your document will become eligible for indexing by Google and will then find its way in the Google index. You then are accomplishing two things for your website: making your links document searchable in Google and promoting it to your friends and associates in the social media.

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