December 20, 2011

How to Create Office Documents Without Using Microsoft or Open Source Software

With the newly renovated Google Docs service, anyone who has a laptop and an Internet connection can prepare office style documents. If you own a laptop and your office document software has broken down, you can still prepare a good enough well-done substitute using Google Docs. Or, if you are somewhere away from home and have to use an Internet cafe to create a document, it will still work for you and your document can remain safe and will never be lost. You can create documents, spreadsheets or presentations using Google's own productivity software.

To be able to do this, you would need to have a Google email account. You need to open your email account and click on the Docs button to open your Docs home. Click on Create and proceed with creating the document of your choice. Be aware that you are using a software that is being downloaded from the Internet as you work so slow down a little bit. Wait for your commands to be carried out before giving a new one. Unless you are creating a super complex document, Google's software would be able to provide you with a good enough environment to create a presentable document.

Be aware that Google is regularly saving the document you are making in their servers. Don't be surprised if you don't see a save command in the document window that you are working on. It will be saved to the file name Untitled Document. when you're finished with the document, close the document window and rename the document in your Docs home. Now, you can download the document to your computer and presto you have created an office document without using Microsoft Office or OpenOffice software. if you are concerned about security, move the document to Trash in your Docs home, then click on Trash and empty it of any deleted document.

Strive to make a simple and uncomplicated document. You are using a software that is not resident in your computer. Don't complain about the lack of sophisticated tools that you can use. Remember that you are not operating in your normal environment. You are in an emergency situation when your office software broke down or when you are far from home when you received this assignment.

After creating your document, there are several ways by which you can send it to your intended audience. More familiar perhaps is to email it after downloading it to your laptop using your own email program. Another way is to email it using the Google's mail program including your document as an attachment. To do this, highlight the document in your Docs home and click on More, then click on Share, then Email as attachment. Type the email addresses of the intended recipients and say something about it in the Message portion of the window. Click on send and your document will be on its way to your intended recipients as an email attachment.

Another alternative is to let it remain at your Docs home and share it with people who you are submitting it to. To do this, highlight the document in your Docs home, click on Share and then click on Share again. Enter the email addresses of the recipients and specify what they can do with the document. Then, click on Share and Save. An email will be sent to your intended recipients with a link to open the document in your Docs home. After the emergency is over, you can download your document, delete it from your Docs home, and process it in the usual way with your office software at your place of employment or in your house.

If you are not yet familiar with the security options in Google Docs, it would be for your own safety that you don't leave any document first in your Docs Home. Google's rule is that if any of the documents in your Docs home has a link from any publicly accessible Internet location, then it may be indexed and published by Google. Remember that Google Docs is not only a tool for creating office style documents but also a publishing platform for Google. In exchange for offering you with a valuable service, Google may include your document in the information that it makes available to Internet users. So be careful in specifying how your document is to be shared. Never make the mistake of making your document publicly accessible.

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