March 13, 2011

Ensure that you can Easily Restore your Gateway Vista Laptop after a Hard Disk Crash

Hard disk failure is the one catastrophic incident that can render your Gateway laptop useless. It is very important that you can readily and easily restore your laptop to its former useful status so as not to jeopardize your professional or business activities. To be able to recover promptly from such a catastrophic failure, you need to prepare for that eventuality happening to your laptop computer.

There are two things that you should do to ensure that you can readily and easily restore your Gateway Vista laptop after a hard disk crash. You should backup the files that you have created regularly and you should save the hardware drivers and application software setup files.

There is no backup system that will fulfill the needs of everyone. Your backup system can be as simple or sophisticated based on your own particular requirements. In my case, I am content with backing up the latest collection of my files on DVD disks. It is not the most economical scheme but it serves my simple backup requirements. Most of all, it is a system that I understand and know how to restore files from.

The Microsoft Vista operating system has a backup program in the Control Panel that you can use to backup your files. You can study it and see how it works and then use it to backup your important files. A lot of technical people have worked on this program and designed an almost foolproof scheme for backing up your data. It requires a bit of understanding though to use it properly. If you care enough about your files, learning how to use the system would be a good investment of your time.

To use the Vista backup system, logon as an Administrator user in your Vista Gateway laptop. Open your control panel, click on System and Maintenance, and then click on Backup and Restore Center. Click on the Backup Files button and follow the instructions from then on. Read and understand help articles on backing up your files from the Help program of your Vista laptop. Click on the Start button, click on Help and Support, and then search for help information on backing up your files.

Your Gateway Vista laptop came to you ready to use with hardware drivers and basic software applications already installed. It should include a DVD disk that contains the operating system installation files. However, you may not have a CD or DVD disk that contains the hardware drivers and the software application installation files. In that case, you have to make your own to ensure that you can re-install these programs once your hard disk fails.

You will not be able to restore your Gateway Vista computer to what it has been previously without the hardware drivers and software application installation files. To ensure that these programs are always available to you, you have to create a DVD disk that will contain all the files that you will need to restore your Gateway laptop to its former useable status.

To create your application and drivers recovery discs, click on the Start button, click on Gateway Recovery Center, and then click on Gateway Recovery Center. Click on Applications and drivers external media and then click the Next button. Click Create system recovery discs and then click Next. Insert a blank DVD disc on your DVD writer drive and follow the next instructions until you have finished burning the recovery disks. Label the discs based on the instructions given to you by the recovery program. Keep the recovery discs in a safe place for your use later when your hard disk crashes and you need to make a fresh install of your Vista operating system.

When you experience trouble with your hard disk, you will need to buy a replacement disk and replace your old hard disk with the new one. You then can use the Vista installation disk that came with your Gateway laptop to make a fresh install of your operating system. You can then use your application and drivers recovery disc to re-install the software applications and hardware drivers to make your laptop usable again. Finally, you can use your backup discs to restore your data to your new hard disk.

In the meantime, prepare for your Gateway Vista laptop's eventual hard disk failure by backing up your data regularly and by creating software application and hardware drivers recovery disk now.

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