November 7, 2010

What you should know if you want to create a Personal Website

You may be one of those who are thinking about creating your own personal website. It is very easy to setup a blog or personal website on any of the free website spaces available in the Internet. I believe it is a good idea add that you should seriously think of setting up one. You might have a few wonderful ideas that deserve to be heard and someone out there might be interested in what you have to say.

Having a personal website affords you with the opportunity of making known to the world your thoughts and ideas about a subject matter that you are interested in. You can setup your website to enable your readers to comment on your posts or articles so you will have a general idea of how receptive they are to your ideas. If you are passionate about a cause that you believe in, then the Internet is just the right medium to generate a following and move people to action. The Internet is would still be here even if you have left this world and passed on to the other side of existence. Hence, your thoughts and ideas would still be available for the next generation to learn from.

On the other hand just like in real life, there are in cyberspace a lot of people with evil intent. You will come across with people who will discredit your ideas and make fun of things that you have to say. Or, they may copy your write-ups and make money out of them. There are even psychotic individuals who will copy your work and make it appear that you are connected to people who are involved in pornography and terrorism. These evil-doers hide behind the anonymity afforded in the Internet to do horrible things that they can't do in real life.

But you can also make use of the anonymity afforded by the Internet by not making known your real identity. Thus, you would more likely dismiss those mischievous acts and take them lightly since nobody really knows who the author of your website is. So lesson number one is don't put your real name on any page of your website, unless, you're a professional who is advertising your services.

What you need

The first thing that you need to have is that you should have something that you want others to know about. You may have found yourself in a peculiar situation that you have developed a good amount of thoughts and ideas that others may find useful in various aspects of their lives. You should preferably have some expertise in the subject matter that you want to talk about based on your professional or work experience. There should be a lot of things that you can talk about in your chosen niche.

You must have access to a computer that has a reliable Internet connection. It would be preferable if you could own your computer so that it will always be available to you whenever you are inspired to write something. You should also have a facility for writing in your language. You can improve your writing skills by knowing more about what writing is about and how it works by looking for useful information in the Internet. You should also preferably be adept at keyboarding so that you won't be spending an inordinate amount of time preparing your article. You should preferably acquire some knowledge about websites, how they are made, and how the Internet works.

Do I have to Spend Money to Setup my Website?

You don't have to spend money for you to create your personal website and make it available in the Internet. There are free web spaces that others make available to those who would like to setup their own websites. Google and WordPress are the two most notable providers of free website space. Esnips is one entity that gives you a lot of spaces where you can store any digital product that you own like write-ups, music, videos, and other documents. Esnips also allows you to submit posts very similar to the way that you post to a blog.

What Steps you have to take

All you have to do is to have an account with free web space providers and you're good to go. There are plenty of instructions on how to go about building your website. You don't need to know any of the programming languages used by Internet browsers in displaying your web pages. Everything has already been taken care of and the only thing that you need is the post or article that will appear on your website.

What you need at the start if just the name and description of your site and your email address. Then and there you can already create your first page and make it live in the Internet. Don't worry if you think you don't know much at this point to be able to come up with a notable personal website. You will learn along the way all the things that you need to know to make your site attractive and useful.

Now, you must think about what sort of information you would make available in your site. It must always have something new so that people who are following your site will always have fresh information to view or listen to in your site. Then, produce all the materials that you want to include in your site and post them using the tools made available by your chosen free webstite provider.

Is it True that I can Earn Money from my Website?

Yes you can but not as big amount as those who are business in the Internet. The most often used money-making scheme is to offer some space in your website for advertisements. However, only those notable and really great websites earn sufficiently enough money from advertisements. You may if you want offer some personal service on a project basis for those who would like to avail of your expertise. For example, you can set up a free language learning site and then offer to provide fee-based one-on-one tutorial services.

What are the Pitfalls that you should avoid?

As I have already said just like in real life, there are evil-minded persons roaming in the Internet looking for innocent people that they can victimize. You should be careful about putting any personal information that others can use to their advantage.

There is danger that your work will be plagiarized so you should include techniques in your work to protect them from being copied. But even in real life we are exposed everyday to criminal elements. These people will be there as long as there are human beings on earth. I have a nonchalant attitude toward them. I believe that they can steal my work but not my brain. I pity them because they have to pick on the crumbs of my brain just to earn a small amount.

There will be other evil-doers that simply want to destroy your work or credibility. But in my view, what they are destroying is your persona on the Internet, not the real you. We must admit that some information that you can find in the Internet are just plain crap. But we should not condemn the whole of the Internet. There are just a small number of individuals who have nothing better to do out there in cyberspace.

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