March 19, 2010

How to Control your Mind during the Writing Process

Writing is an intellectual process that requires a high degree of coordination between your mind and your hands. The mind is the source of everything that you write so it is the controlling factor. Even if you just copy someone else's work, your mind has to still participate in the process. That is why it is very important that you get your mind's cooperation during the writing process. Here are some ideas that could help you gain your mind's full participation in your writing process.

Writing Clarifies Vague Thoughts

Some writers will advise you to start writing even if your mind is unclear about some aspects of what you want to write about. This is because the act of writing tends to clarify vague thoughts. The mind responds well to seeing its thoughts written out. It instinctively adjusts its position as some thoughts are clarified during the writing process.

Such is the nature of temporary writing blocks. In some instances, you might experience a lull in your writing. There could be some issues that your mind has not yet resolved. And yet your mind will find it difficult to resolve those issues without the aid of seeing those thoughts written out. Sometimes, it is useful to go on and writing despite you feeling that what you are writing seems to not have any value in it.

Trust your Mind Completely

This part of the article came out only while I was writing the article. I have not thought about this idea before I went on writing this article. I started out only with two ideas for writing this article. Now, my mind is instinctively supplying me with ideas to make this article complete.

Your mind is a very powerful information processing tool. You computer pales in comparison with what your mind can do. Just imagine these words and these sentences coming out of thin air. It does not need any electricity to run and it's always working even if we are asleep. Your mind will never let you down as long as you put your complete trust in it.

Slow Down your Thinking Process

Our hands are poor performers when compared with our minds which operate faster than the speed of light. We have to slow down our thinking when writing to enable our hands to keep pace with what our minds want to say.

It takes some practice to get used to slowing down your mind. You can only develop it by writing a lot. The more you write, the more you can develop your mind's ability to slow down so as to enable your hands to keep pace with it.

If you find it difficult to slow down your thinking, then make it a habit to type keywords that will help you recall later on about a related idea that your mind has come up with while you're focusing on an idea that you're developing in your write-up. Then come back to the keyword later on after you have completed writing on the current idea that you were working on.

Think in Whole Sentences

When talking with someone or other people, there are a lot of cues that helps the words we use in conveying meaning to those we are talking with. As a result, we tend to omit some words in our communication because we think that what we're referring to are obvious. This situation is not true with writing. When your readers read your work, you are not there to explain to then what you mean.

In the absence of any visual cues that can help us communicate with our readers, we need to be more explicit when writing. We might be talking about several things and we must be explicitly clear to which of those things we are referring to. That is why it is always a good practice to always think in complete sentences when we are writing. Explicitly state those things which we tend to omit when we are talking.

Have the Outline of your Article Fixed in your Mind

Help your mind not to get lost or introduce ideas that do not properly belong in the article you are writing. Maintain a conceptual outline of your article at the back of your mind ready to be referenced when a question as to whether an item is suitable for inclusion in the article you are writing comes up.

Expose your Mind to Interesting and Unique Ideas

Choose to read written works that are original and well-written. A lot of written materials in the Internet are crap. Your mind knows you are a writer and will tell you if what you are writing is crap or not. Don't miss out on traveling to exotic places or going out with someone who can offer a stimulating conversation.

Don't Stop Writing

The act of writing stimulates your mind to come up with more ideas to write about. If you stop writing, then you will miss out on this wonderful opportunity. So never stop writing even if you think that what you're writing is crap. Just don't publish it. Writing craps can sometimes lead you to a wonderful idea that is worth writing on.

As a writer, your mind is your best friend so treat it the way a best friend should be treated. There is only one way to improve your writing and that is to write a lot. Before I wrote this article, I have written a lot of crap that will never get published in the Internet. I never consider them waste of time for they have somehow stimulated my mind and I have had a good typing practice writing them.

What makes writers different from other people is the fact that they have been gifted with the ability to control their minds while they are writing. If you can develop this skill, then you will become good at writing and later on find out that you have not only become a writer but a good writer as well.

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