March 11, 2010

A Generalized Article Writing Template for something that you want to write about

I describe a generalized template for writing an article about anything under the sun. The template would basically consist of three parts; the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The article could be about a person or an object, or it could deal with something more abstract like a truth that you have discovered or how an undertaking should be done.

The three-part article structure is a universal pattern that can be adopted for writing on any topic that you want to write on. An article is a short write-up about a single topic that your readers might be interested in. It should present a complete body of information that will prove useful to people who are experiencing a problem or about to undertake an action on which they want to have information about.

The article template is the imaginary outline that you hold in your head as you write your article. It could be used as a means to fight the writer's block which can prevent you from starting on your writing activity. It also ensures that your written output will be complete and useful for the person for whom you are writing your article.

When writing about someone or something, you should define the person or object that you are writing about in the first paragraph of your write-up. Each of the next few paragraphs should say about a particular aspect of the particular object that you have chosen to write about. If you have chosen to write about a person, you might want to include a paragraph on the origin of the person, his early childhood, his youth, his education, his career and his accomplishments or prizes received and awards given. The last paragraph would contain a summary statement about your topic, leaving your readers with something to remember about your chosen subject matter.

You can write a short article about a conviction that you have or anything that you believe in. The realization could involve something that you have learned as you struggle to survive in this world. It could refer to something that you have learned based on so many instances of something happening that you could almost predict what the outcome would be.

The first paragraph is where you categorically say the statement that embodies your belief or conviction. The next few paragraphs would explain why you believe in the statement that you have put forward in your first paragraph. Each paragraph would explore one reason why you believe the statement that you have introduced in the first paragraph is true. In the last paragraph, you would basically repeat your belief or conviction by saying it in a different way and by providing a list of the summarized reasons why you have come to hold such belief.

Your article topic could also be about how to perform a certain task or activity. In such a case, you would need to define the task or activity on the first paragraph of your article. In the second paragraph, you might need to tell your readers who are the people who must perform such an activity and when such activity needs to be performed.

Your next few paragraphs would discuss one after another the steps required for the task or activity to be completed. On each of these paragraphs, you might need to explain exactly in detail how each of the steps is to be accomplished. Your last paragraph would basically summarize the steps that are needed to be undertaken for the task or activity to be completed.

Whatever your writing assignment is about, the three-part article template is always a good starting point to launch your writing activity. It can also serve as a guide in searching for information that you can include in your write-up. You can immediately start writing and then stop when you don't have the right information to complete your write-up. You can then set aside what you are writing and do a research for the missing information.

The iterative process of writing and researching can be a good strategy for completing your written assignment on time. You can try skipping taking notes and type your ideas directly on your write-up as you find more relevant information from your research. You can exert a good amount of control in your writing process by visualizing your article in your head based on the universal three-part template.

You could use a simple check off list to make sure that you do not fail to include an important element in your write-up. When you have covered all the important points in your check out list, then your article is complete. The universal three-part article template is a useful tool for organizing your ideas and for controlling your article writing process.

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