January 23, 2010

Laptop Bag Features that can save your Laptop from Breaking Down

First of all, I am not a laptop bag user and I don't have any bag for my laptop. That's because I don't carry my laptop outside of the house and I keep my laptop hooked to the electrical outlet when I use it. I don't know whether this is good or bad for my battery but that's another topic that we may talk about sometime in the future.

So what I say here may be just to start you thinking about your own particular requirements for a laptop bag in the hope that you will be able to buy your laptop bag intelligently and not waste money on something that does not address your primary goal for having a laptop bag.

People who own laptops have their own reason for having one. Most students want to own a cool laptop that their classmates would admire without actually thinking much of how their laptop computer could be best used to pursue their purpose of why they are in school.

Executives would probably want an industrial grade laptop that has a reputation for not dying suddenly while being used for making a very important memo to the board of directors. They have an important thing to do and they would like a laptop that they can depend on every time and not put them in a difficult situation.

You will have your own purpose for owning a laptop computer and you would have your own way of using that computer to further your own end whether that be to promote your own career or to make your business more profitable. You would also have your own pattern of using your laptop like whetther you use your laptop mostly at home or mostly outside on account of your chosen profession or the job that you have to do.

Laptop computers are fragile equipment that you need to take care of them like your own children. To protect them from being crushed when someone accidentally sits on them, I think there should be a laptop bag made of durable plastic that can be used when carrying the laptop computer inside the car or when the laptop computer is in danger of being placed under a heavy object.

In addition, I think that there should be some provision inside the bag that would make the laptop computer secure from excessive impact in cases when the bag is accidentally dropped. I'm talking about some form of shock resistance like a thick foam-like substance that would minimize the impact of a sudden fall from a high location.

Another critical feature that a good laptop computer bag would have is some form of water resistance that could protect the laptop computer from being wet when the user is caught in a rainy situation outside. Writers sometimes like to work outside where they can draw inspiration from nature to spice up their literary piece or improve on their work of art. It would be a pity if the inside of the laptop would get wet when a sudden burst of rain comes up and there is no way to shield the laptop computer from being wet.

Your laptop computer can sometimes find itself cramped with other objects inside the trunk of your car. In tropical countries, the temperature inside the trunk can become excessively hot especially during summer. I think a good laptop bag must use materials for the inside of the bag that are heat resistant or poor heat conductors. It would indeed be nice to know that your laptop bag can maintain a tolerable temperature that would be able protect your laptop computer from excessive heat.

I'm really not sure if there are laptop bags out there in the market that have these features so maybe we should talk of how we can prevent the catastrophic events I'm talking about here from happening to your laptop.

When you go outside with your laptop, be sure to carry a plastic bag to where you can put your laptop in case you are caught in a sudden burst of rainfall. Don't leave your laptop computer inside the trunk of your car if you are parking your car outside and the temperature outside is hot. Never put your laptop computer on the seat of the car where someone may accidentally sit on it. Always place your laptop computer on a flat surface where there is no danger of it falling down.

To be able to intelligently choose which laptop bag is best for your laptop, just think of how you make use of your laptop computer, whether you use it mostly inside your house of office or whether mostly you use it outside. Know also whether you always carry your laptop computer wherever you go or you only carry it with you sometimes. These facts will hopefully give you an idea of what to look for in a laptop bag when you decide to buy one for your laptop computer. The best laptop bag would be the one that can protect your laptop computer best from hazards that may render it inoperable.

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