January 20, 2010

How to Use a Powerful Article Writer to Generate Several Unique Versions of the Article

As an Internet writer, you would probably know that Google does not favor duplicate content being submitted to the Internet and in such cases only shows one version of the document on the search engine results page. However, if you want to undertake a link-building effort, you may want to submit articles promoting your web site to several article directories in the Internet. If you submit the same content to all those directories, your effort will probably come to naught since only one of those articles will probably find its way to Google's search engine results page.

The solution to this dilemma is to submit substantially different versions of the article that Google might not detect as duplicate content. But doing this manually will take a lot of effort and time and of course money. What you will need is a user-friendly software that you can use to create the unique versions automatically.

I came across the Power Article Rewriter developed by Sebastian Kohl and tried using it to generate unique versions of a sample article. With word level spinning, I found out that I could produce articles that average 9 percent uniqueness. With paragraph level spinning, I was able to generate versions that are from 18 to 36 percent unique. With paragraph level spinning and nested word spins, I was able to produce article versions that reach 50 to 57 percent uniqueness.

The software is really easy to use and you can become an expert in using it in about one half day. You would probably commit some mistakes while using it at first but those will provide you with important lessons that you will always remember when using the software.

The Power Article Rewriter is designed to generate unique versions of an article for submitting to different article directories in the Internet. It is very much flexible in that you can perform the spinning operation on word level, on sentence level and on paragraph level. The paragraph level with nested word spinning provides the highest uniqueness percentage in my testing of the software.

You create a core article first which will become the basis of the spinning operation that Power Article Rewriter can do automatically. To achieve maximum results, create two more versions for each of the paragraphs in the core article. From this intermediate result, you can then go on to spin at the word level to come up with the version that is spun on both the paragraph level and on the word level inside all paragraphs. This would give a high uniqueness percentage that could probably pass Google's duplicate content scrutiny.

Preparing the article for the spin involves adding substitute word, sentence or paragraph for the original item found on the core article. When preparing the document for word level spin, you are provided with synonyms which you can choose to include as substitute word for the one in the original. Sentence and paragraph level spin involves highlighting the sentence or paragraph then adding the substitute sentence of paragraph at the work area in the software window. You can substitute multiple words for one word or substitute one word for multiple adjacent words in the original version.

Even if you use this software to automate unique article generation, there is still a lot of writing to be done. If you want to increase your uniqueness score, then you have to provide for more substitute words, sentences or paragraphs. If I could achieve above 50 percent uniqueness by adding two more versions for each paragraph in the original, then probably I could reach above 60 percent uniqueness if I add one more version for each of the paragraphs in the original. That would make the resulting versions really unique and should surely pass Google's duplicate test.

You can search for the software in Google and download the evaluation copy which you can use for 15 days, Once installed in your computer, you can create a five-paragraph article and test the software by doing word-level spin and then paragraph level spin. Watch the uniqueness percentage that you can get at each level of your testing. Try doing paragraph level spinning with nested word spinning inside all paragraphs and see your uniqueness percentage soar to past 50 percent. Try the Power Article Rewiter to generate several unique versions of your article. It can be very useful if you want to undertake web site promotion using article directories.

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