January 12, 2010

How to Use the Mobility and Power Features of your Vista Laptop

Microsoft has incorporated a lot of useful mobility and power features on your Vista laptop computer. It's a good practice to get to know what these features are and how they are used. This know-how may come in handy when you're asked to make a presentation or when you need to save power on your Vista laptop's battery. Here are a few points to remember.

Setup your Vista Laptop's Presentation Settings

When you are to make a presentation using your Vista laptop, you want to make sure that your desktop background is appropriate and the screensaver is turned off. To prepare your Vista laptop for presentation,open your control panel and click on Mobile PC. On the next window, make sure that Turn off screensaver is checked, select an appropriate desktop background that will be shown during the presentation and click OK.

Turn Presentation Mode on or off

Your laptop's presentation settings will take effect only when you are making a presentation so you have to turn it on before your presentation and turn it off when you're finished with your presentation. To turn your Vista laptop's presentation settings on, open your Vista laptop's control panel and click on Adjust commonly used mobility settings under Mobile PC. On the Presentation Settings slide click on the Turn on button then close the pop-up window. Repeat the procedure to turn the presentation settings off.

Connect a Projector to your Vista Laptop

To connect a projector to your Vista laptop, physically connect the video cable of the projector to the VGA port in your laptop. Open your Vista laptop's control panel and click on Adjust commonly used mobility settings under Mobile PC. Click on the Connect display button on the External Display slide and follow the next instructions. Make sure that you turn on the presentation settings on the display that you will use for the presentation.

Toggle between Laptop Display and Projector

While connected to the projector you can control whether the display is shown on the projector only, on your laptop's display only or both. You can use the Function key on your Vista laptop together with the F4 key to cycle among these three settings.

Adjust the Brightness of your Vista Laptop's Display

You can dim or brighten the display of your Vista laptop computer by pressing the Function key and  pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.

Conserve Power in your Vista Laptop's Battery

To turn on power saving on the battery settings of your Vista laptop, open your control panel and click Change battery settings under Mobile PC. Click the Power Saver radio button under the Select a power plan window that opens and close your Vista laptop's control panel.

Turn Off your Vista Laptop's Display

To immediately turn off your Vista laptop's display, slowly close the lid of your Vista laptop until it is about one half inch before the upper and lower lids touch each other. Stop when you notice that the displayed has turned off. To turn the display back on, just open the lid once again.

Put your Vista Laptop to Sleep Mode

Sleep is a power-saving state wherein all open documents and programs are saved, and the computer can quickly resume full-power operation when you want to start working again. To put your Vista laptop to sleep, press the Function key and then the F3 key on your keyboard. To resume working just press any keyboard key or click your Vista laptop's mouse.

Set When your Vista Laptop's Monitor Should Turn Off

When you leave your Vista laptop for a while, power saving features will automatically kick in. One of these power saving features is the turning off of your Vista laptop's monitor. To control how much continuous idle time is needed before the monitor is turned off, open your control panel and click on Change battery settings under Mobile PC. On the next window, click on Choose when to turn off the display at the left side of the window. Choose a time period for both the On battery and Plugged in columns and click on the Save changes button.

Set when your Vista Laptop Should Go on Sleep Mode

To set when your Vista laptop should go on sleep mode, open your control panel and click on Change battery settings under Mobile PC. Click Change when the computer sleeps on the left hand side of the next window. Select a chosen time for both the On Battery and Plugged in columns for Put the computer to sleep. Click on the Save changes button and close the control panel window.

So those are the ways on how you can use the different mobility and power features that are designed into your Vista laptop. You don't have to remember them all but just select an item that you think you will be using later on and make it a point to memorize how the task is done. Have fun using your Vista laptop!

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