January 11, 2010

How to Promote Personal Web Pages that are not Indexed by Google

You might probably have a personal web site that is relatively new and you have submitted your home page URL to Google and you have confirmed that your home page is indeed on the Google index. However, you have other valuable pages inside your personal web site that Google won't index and you have tried submitting your sitemap to no avail.

There are millions of web pages around the world and just because you have written a great article does not mean that Google will automatically index it. I have a lot of web pages that I think are great information sources and well written that Google so far has failed to index. I have tried all sorts of measures to get them indexed by Google to no avail.

So I stopped trying to have my personal web pages indexed by Google and just promote them by other means using the document submission sites like scribD and DocStoc. These document submission sites have their own means of getting your document to the initial few pages of the Google search results and they are quite successful at doing this job. You and the document submission sites have the same objective and that is to bring useful information within the reach of your readers.

Of course you have to submit a number of real and useful articles first to these document submission sites and submit promotional articles only sparingly. Once you have submitted really useful documents that contain useful information for your readers, you can then submit two-page articles that contain links to the articles that are not being indexed by Google.

The document that you would be writing would either be in Microsoft Word or PDF format. I use Microsoft Word format for submitting to scribD and PDF format for submitting to DocStoc. I found out that the PDF format does not display well on scribD while the Microsoft docx format relatively appears more appealing on this document submission site.

The document should have a more generalized title but should still be optimized for a keyword phrase you are targeting. It should contain a suitable introduction pointing out the importance of the topic and the benefits that the reader can gain by viewing the articles that the document is linking to. It may also provide background information on how the problematic state of things has come about and a promise of how the problem could be resolved.

Each article that the document links to should have a title, the complete URL and a description that can include excerpts from the articles themselves. To prevent the document from appearing like it only contains links to other articles, remove the underline on the links and change the text color of the links to black. Your reader will know that they are URLs since they start with http://.

Make sure that the document is highly optimized for the keyword phrase you are targeting by repeating the phrase several times in the document. Your keyword density would depend on how competitive the keyword phrase you are targeting is. If you need to put in additional mentions of the keyword phrase, you can use an image and mention your keyword phrase on the caption of the image.

Aside from the text on the document itself being highly optimized, you should also prepare a highly optimized set of keyword phrases and descriptions. There are actually four Meta data that you have to submit to document submission site: the title, the URL, the keywords and the description. All of these Meta information should likewise be highly optimized.

Don't submit identical articles to different document submission sites. If you do this, only one version will appear on Google search results page so you will just be wasting your efforts. Remember that the document itself as well as the Meta information should all be highly optimized for the keyword phrase you are targeting.

When you have prepared and proofread everything go and submit them to your chosen document submission site. Wait for a few hours and try searching for it using the Google search tool. Your document will hopefully land on the first few pages of the Google search page results and your links to your personal web pages that Google failed to index will be exposed to your readers.

So don't fret if some of your personal web pages are not being indexed by Google. Don't wait for Google to index them and instead promote your neglected personal web pages using the document submission sites.