January 20, 2010

How to Add AdSense Ads on your Blogger Blog's Feed

If you are using AdSense for Contents in your Blogger blog, you can squeeze additional AdSense impressions or clicks by including Adsense ads on your blog's feed.

A feed is a collection of your blog posts that users can subscribe to. When users are subscribed to your blog using their own blog subscription service, they don't have to visit your blog everytime to check for new posts. They can see the contents of your blog in the web site of the subscription service they are using. To make sure that you get AdSense impressions and clicks when user are reading your blog using feed readers, place AdSense for Feed ads on your blog's feed.

You can get started on AdSense for Feeds by going to your AdSense page and setting up your Feed ads. Click on AdSense for Feeds on the AdSense setup page and create an ad profile with the channels on which the ads will be displayed.

AdSense for Feeds will only accept Google Feedburner feeds so you need to create a Feedburner feed first for your blog. You can search for the Feedburner web site and sign up using your Gmail email address. Google Feedburner web site is the place where you create a Feedburner feed for your blog. You can also make use of other Feedburner tools for analyzing, optimizing and publicizing your feeds.

If your blog is hosted on Blogger, you need to redirect your standard Blogger feed to your Google Feedburner feed so that your subsequent posts will be included in the feed where AdSense ads are placed. To do this, you need to click on the settings option of your blog in the Blogger Dashboard and enter the URL of your Google Feedburner feed on the Site Feed page of your blog settings. Redirecting your blog's feed to Feedburner also ensures that your blog's standard feed would be converted to Feedburner feed and would be eligible to receive ads from AdSense for Feeds.

When creating your AdSense for Feeds channels, be sure to check the option that makes your feed targettable by advertisers. You can create a different name and an enticing description of your feed which will be shown to advertisers looking for places to show their ads. You will be asked to enter the URL of your blog's Feedburner feed which you can get from the Feedburner web site.

You can do everything on the AdSense for Feed setup page by supplying the URL of your blog together with the standard feed creator that your blog uses. For Blogger blogs, the standard feed creator is Atom. You can create one channel for each of your blogs for the AdSense for Feeds profile that you have created. So that you won't get lost while setting up your AdSense for Feeds profile, always remember that a channel is a blog feed where your AdSense for Feeds ads will be displayed.

You will have very limited options for displaying AdSense for Feeds ads on your feeds. You can only control whether to place either only text or image ads or both, for each feed item or after a number of feed items, or for posts of a certain length. You can also specify whether to place the ads before or after the feed item and whether you want to control the color of your ads or just leave it to AdSense to determine the best color to use.

To promote your feed on your Blogger blog, go to the Google Feedburner web site and select the feed for your blog. Click on the Publicize tab at the top of the page and click on the friendly graphic link on the text of the page. Select the standard feed icon and copy the HTML code at the bottom of the page. Now go to your Blogger blog and insert an HTML gadget on the place in your blog where you want the graphic to appear. Paste the HTML code on the space provided and click save to add the gadget to your page. Save your settings and test if the link brings you to your Feedburner feed with AdSense ads displayed on the items of the page.