December 13, 2009

Steps to Writing and Publishing Content in the Internet

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Posting Content to the Web

Writing content for the Internet requires additional steps that you normally would not consider when writing for any printed or broadcast medium. Aside from observing the tenets of good communication that you have been taught about, you also need to make sure that your content can be easily found by your readers.

The Internet has become a jungle of different media trying to catch the surfer's attention and without the search engines, looking for the right information would indeed become a painstaking effort. If you would be writing a lot of materials that are intended to be published in the Internet, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with how the search engines work and how you can make your writing search engine friendly.

You will often find yourself deciding in either the search engine or the user's favor when editing your written work. You now have two conflicting interests to serve and you are required to strike a happy balance between the needs of your readers and the requirements of the search engines to come up with a written output that works when published in the Internet.

You basically start with an idea for a written output in your head as all writing usually starts. Next, you make a search for similar articles that are already posted on the web so that you won't be unwittingly repeating what others have already said. Your writing topic will evolve into something more concrete as you go on doing your research.

Then you need to find out what people are looking for in regard to the topic that you have chosen to write about. For this purpose, you need to use the available tools in the Internet to provide you with an indication of what angle or treatment of your subject matter would likely become a hit with your readers. The Google keyword tool is a good example of a free tool that you can use for this purpose.

Knowing what your readers want will also give you some ideas about the keyword phrases that you need to insert in your write-up to ensure that your article will be found by the search engines when your readers search for information related to your subject matter. You then proceed with writing your content with a firm grasp of both the needs of your readers and the requirements of the search engines in your mind.

When editing your work, you need to consider the needs of your readers, the peculiarities of getting information using the computer monitor and how likely the search engine will select your work from the countless materials that are posted in the Internet. Your written output should be easy to read and full of useful information for your readers. You need to structure your work to conform to the limitations of the computer screen. And you need to make sure that your output contains the correct keywords in just the right amounts so that the search engines will be able to select your work when your readers go searching for information regarding your chosen topic.

Having been satisfied with your work thus far, you post your write-up on a web page to make it available in the Internet. The next step is to test how your work performs with the search engines by searching for your work using the keywords you have used in your article. You may need to fine tune your keywords to make sure that search engines return your work when your targeted keywords are used by your readers.

Your next job is to monitor how your article is doing and who are the people who are reading your work. If you're not satisfied with your work's performance in the web, you may need to modify your work, post it again and check its performance to determine if you need to do additional fine tuning on your work.

Essentially, writing content for the Internet entails additional work for the writer. However, the writer is more empowered and has the necessary tools to ensure that his work reaches its intended audience. In addition, there is the possibility for the writer to earn money for his work when the web site where the work is published displays advertisements alongside the article.

So this is how basically one goes about writing and publishing content for the web. While the Internet empowers the writer with the capability to publish his work easily and cheaply, it however imposes additional steps that need to be done to enable the work to become a successful publication effort.

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