December 21, 2009

How to Promote your Personal Web Site for Free with Document Submission Sites

Personal web site owners are on the lookout for effective ways to promote their web site for free. Document submission sites are an excellent way to promote their web sites for free without the undesirable effects of using article submission sites.

I do not suggest that you use article submission sites for promoting your web site mainly because you have no control as to where your article will appear. There may be times that your article will find its way in sites that were built only to generate advertising revenues and does not really have any content to speak of but promotional articles for other web sites.

I do suggest promoting your site with document submission sites because they do not share your documents but are very skilled at putting your web page at the front of search engine results page. The strategy to use with document submission sites is to submit really helpful documents to the sites but also claim your reward by also submitting web site promotional articles for your site.

The first thing to do is to search for document submission sites and take a look at the documents submitted at the site. Try to choose a submission sites whose subject matter or topical focus is related to the content of your web site. Choose some really useful documents that you have written that you think would be worthwhile to share with the rest of the world. Convert the document in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format and submit it to the document submission site that you have selected.

Before submitting your document, prepare first the requirements for submission and type it in a notepad. This way, you can submit your document straight away without having to think and compose the requirements at the time of submission. The requirements typically include the title of the document, the language in which it is written, the description, the keywords describing the document and the subject area to which the document will fall.

After submitting a few real documents which can prove useful to people searching for information contained in your documents, it is now time to claim a little reward for yourself. The reward can be in the form of free promotion for your web site by submitting a document that contains links to web pages in your web site.

Of course you still have to develop a story around which to build your promotional copy. Make your copy at least one and a half page in size so as not to appear like straight promotional material. Talk about the benefits that readers stand to gain by visiting the pages whose link you have included in the document.

When you are satisfied with the promotional article, prepare a highly optimized description and keyword combination that can propel your web page to the first few pages of the search engine results for the search phrase you are targeting. Convert your article to Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format and submit it to your chosen document submission sites.

Test your description and keywords for effectiveness by searching for it using your favorite search engine. Make adjustments in the Meta information of your article or you can revise the article itself and submit a revision. Make sure that the article performs well on the search engine's search results page when you search for the keyword phrase you are targeting. If not, make further revisions until you're satisfied with the results.

The key for success in this effort is not to abuse the document submission sites by just submitting promotional articles for your site. Make good at your end of the bargain by submitting first really useful documents that can benefit people who need the information you have. Only submit promotional articles if you have submitted a lot of really useful information already. Being abusive is not good business practice and it won't benefit you in the long term. Give first before you take anything and pretty soon, you will receive a strike of good fortune you have not foreseen. Good luck.

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