December 30, 2009

How to Get Started with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is Google's advertising program that displays contextual ads on web sites. By simply displaying Adsense ads on your web site, you already gain a small revenue but you get a lot more when a user clicks on the ads that are displayed on your web site. You get a share of the charge Google makes on the advertiser whose ads were clicked by your web site reader.

Long before you get to write content for your web site, you should beforehand research on the keywords that give high cost per click and build your articles using those keywords. This is easier said than done because, it doesn't always happen that the things you want to write about have also high cost per click revenues. But this needs to be done if you want to generate much revenue from your web site.

After writing your content using high cost per click keywords, you would want to review how optimized your article is for the keywords that are targeted. You generally would provide a greater degree of optimization for keywords that are more competitive than others, that is, there are more articles targeting those particular keywords.

You can gain an indication of a keyword's competitiveness by making a Google search using that particular keyword. A large number of documents returned would indicate a high competitiveness score and would generally indicate also a high advertiser competitive score. Advertiser competition is shown in the Google Keyword Tool as a green bar that shows how intense advertiser competition is for the keywords.

You would also want to verify that your article had been successfully indexed by the Google search engine. You can use the keyword info followed by a colon then followed by the URL of your article to check if Google had already indexed your content. You can also check how closer to the initial search results page your article appears by using different keyword combinations. You might want to review that page's optimization if you're not satisfied with how the article ranks in Google's search results page.

To enable your web site to display Adsense ads, you need to open an account with Google Adsense using a Google email address. Once your account is verified, you will be given an Adsense account identification and you can then setup the Adsense ads that will appear on your web pages. There is a lot of different Adsense programs that you can avail of but you can start with the simplest one and that is Adsense for Contents. This will simply display ads on the different parts of your web site.

You can then choose from the many formats of advertisements that will suit the space available in your web pages. Adsense will then generate the codes that you will insert in the different parts of your web page where you would like the ads to appear. Just copy the HTML codes and insert them in the HTML code of your web page.

You can then create channels for managing your Adsense projects. Start with URL channels and add all your web sites where you are showing Adsense ads. Make sure that you activate all the URL channels you have added so that information about them will be included in the reports.

After some time, you will begin to see some statistics on the reports portion of your Adsense page. There is a lot of different reports that you can use to monitor the performance of your Adsense ads. You can experiment on which formats are most effective for particular locations in your web pages.

If your site is hosted freely on Blogger or Google Sites, it is very easy to include Adsense ads on your web pages. Just give your Adsense account identification and the HTML codes are automatically generated and inserted on the space where you want your Adsense ads to appear. You would want to have more visits and therefore more clicks on the Adsense ads on your web pages so you would then look for ways to promote your web site and generate more traffic to your site.

Once you get started with Google Adsense, you can get hooked on it and you would periodically check on how the ads in your web pages are doing. After having used Google Adsense for Contents for sometime, you can then begin to explore other Google Adsense programs.

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