December 17, 2009

How to Fix Two of Your Vista Computer's Sound Problems

snapshot of the cover of the document on How to Fix Two of Your Vista Computer's Sound Problems

"When I record something on my Vista computer using my microphone, the output is barely audible. I don't understand why I can record my voice but I can't hear it on the speakers of my Vista computer." These are two of the complaints that you will often hear from Vista computer owners.

Microsoft has changed both the contents and the look and feel of the Windows control panel in the Vista operating system. And with it Microsoft also changed how sound configuration is setup further confusing the Vista computer owners.

Apparently, how sound setup is configured in the Vista control panel would differ depending on what sound hardware was used to build the Vista computer. Confused Vista computer users are now looking for help on how they can fix their Vista computer's sound problems.

If you're using SigmaTel hardware on your Vista computer, your computer's microphone volume is set to low by default and you have to do a little tweaking in the control panel to raise the microphone volume to an acceptable level. By default also, the input monitor in the Sound properties of the Vista control panel is set to off. You have to turn it on in if you want to hear yourself singing your favorite karaoke song.

I have created a PDF docment containing articles on how you can increase the volume of your Vista computer microphone and turn your Vista computer's input monitor on. The articles detail the step by step process on how the settings are changed in the Vista computer's control panel.

Please note that these solutions will work only if your computer came with a SigmaTel sound hardware. So if your computer's sound device is not SigmaTel, there's a lot of information in the Internet that can help you solve your problem.

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